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Easter Brunch



Our Philosophy

Picture, if you will, a parade of muddy, plaid strewn, gumboot wearin’ farmers, whole pigs, lambs, rabbits and ducks in tow, trudging through a downtown Ottawa restaurant. This is any given night at Murray Street KWC. These farmers & artisanal food makers adorn the pages of our menu as if it were an agricultural tabloid depicting the ‘who’s who’ of the local Ottawa restaurant food scene.

We are always trying to further the local food movement through our menu, social media & special events. We feel that this is the backbone of our Canadian Culture and will do whatever it takes to promote, pursue and preserve this style of cooking and this way of living.

We epitomize ‘Canadian Comfort’ in all it’s maple soaked, curd topped, wood smoked glory. From head to tail, field to table & farm to fork. So take down that classic Canadian family portrait, stuff it with meat and cheese, wrap it with bacon and serve it proudly while Stompin’ Tom Connors serenades you from a set of rusty ol’ speakers.

We are Murray Street.

We are Canada.