Name: Paddy Whelan

Occupation: Owner/Operator

Birthplace: St. John’s, NFLD

Favorite Power Ranger: Those guys in the belfry that heckle Kermit the Frog

Paddy Whelan has been operating restaurants in eastern Ontario for 15 years and a Stratford Chef School Alumnus. With his extensive experience, Mr. Whelan knows both business and food well. Whelan states that “One of the reasons why we chose the name ‘Murray Street’ was to pay tribute to the incredibly rich and authentic gastronomic experience being developed on this particular street in the Byward Market. Rather than looking at our neighbouring restaurants as competition, we’re thrilled to be a part of what’s happening here in what we like to call ‘gastro-alley’. There’s a real sense of integrity, and this is another of the main reasons why chose this location. As part of this community, we’re hoping that we can do some interesting things together and that collectively we can help Ottawa look in their own backyard for the season’s best in food.”

Steve’s bio of Paddy:

Paddy aka Big Daddy aka Nick Nack Whelan

an only child of prestigious pub owners in NF, Paddy was primarily raised in the wilds of St. John’s Harbour by an unruly pack of warf rats where he grew a fondness and deep seeded appreciation for all things salted, boiled and deep fried.

Inspired by his mother Pat’s feirce will and determination he mastered the art of front of the house bouncing, serving, managing and general intimidating while living in Picton, ON.

As not to be bullshitted by the unkempt riff raff that generally populate the kitchens of modern eateries world wide, he studied the craft of fine Upper Canadian cuisine at Stratford Chefs School and then quickly earned the respect of his now partner Chef Steve by pin-boning a whole side of Atlantic salmon in under two hours.

Paddy leads his team with confidence and strength but most of all with his heart. His kindness, professionalism and overall tremendous girth leave a lasting impression on all that meet him. His hospitality is not to be missed…or else.

Name: Steve Mitton

Occupation: Chef/owner

Birthplace: Fredericton, NB

Trade Secrets/Techniques: A pig farmer, fisherman and myself have your French-Canadian grandmother held hostage in the basement, and we’re not afraid to use her.

Steve Mitton was already well known in the Ottawa culinary community for his straightforward and uncomplicated regional fare well before the 2008 inception of Murray Street KWC. A graduate from the Culinary Institute of Canada in Prince Edward Island, Chef Mitton, in a twist of fate, began his chef career in Ottawa behind the stoves of Bistro 115, the same building that Murray Street is now housed. He has always looked for the season’s best from local farmers and suppliers that he has researched, and brings them unselfishly to his plates. He spent 16 years of his life in the Black Forest in Germany. Here, he was introduced (for the sole purpose of affording his own beer) to the art of butchery and charcuterie, the long-lasting influences of which show quite prominently throughout his menu. He also delivered pizza, to which he attributes his good nature, dazzling fashion sense and his uncanny ability to find your house.

Name: Paul Dubeau

Occupation: Sous Chef

Birthplace: The #7 North End bus, Sudbury, ON

Largest number counted to without the use of his fingers: potato

Paul began his illustrious culinary career cooking meth for Rita MacNiel’s roadies. He later branched out to food. He honed his skills at La Piazza, Tratoria Vittoria and the Black Thorn Cafe. Paul, somewhat of a war hero, has fought in many wars. Just last night he was responsible for defeating a dragon and stealing the power from a third level wizard.  Paul developed a love for all things butchery and charcuterie while spending time as head butcher at the renowned pop-up deli Murray’s Market. He has since become a charcuterie pro and an invaluable talent in the kitchen. Despite his mother’s efforts to keep him in the family’s organ harvesting business, we feel Paul will be a long-lasting member of the Murray Street family and will grow up to be a fine young woman.